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had a bunch of tests done today (which means a stupid amount of snapchats, obviously)

my new excuse to anything ever (via forgetthinking)

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the hypo made me do it.
An Open Thank You Letter To John Green →


Idk if John Green will see this considering how many people must attempt to contact him on a daily basis and in the fact this message was to long for an ask, but here we go.

Dear John ( fishingboatproceeds ) ,

I’ve been a Nerdfighter for a while, a reader of your book The Fault in Our Stars…

What “The Fault in Our Stars” Really Means For Those of Us With Cancer →


Since the movie came out I was wondering how I felt about the presentation of cancer patients and the representation of thyroid cancer.

This is a very important opinion piece outlining TFIOS’s role in cancer patient presentation to the media/public. Worth the read!

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Help my sister in her quest to kick Cancer's ass →


My sister was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and on top of that she found out today that the cancer MAY have spread to her lymph nodes. It’s a struggle for the family, I worry a lot because my sister basically raised me and she is my world. All of the expenses for all of this including the surgery is coming mainly out of pocket. I would appreciate it, and so would she… if you CAN donate a little something. No matter what, good vibes being sent her way would be appreciated. Thank you, guys. Please spread the word if nothing else.