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Cancer is scary

  • you know that
  • we know that
  • you can be scared with us, try not to be scared OF us

You may not know

  • we usually have VERY low energy (imagine every move you make is through molasses)
  • we may not look sick. we are.
  • doctors are always messing around with our hormones. These…

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i’m sad/stressed out/etc about work/upcoming interview/everything ever so i’m gonna look through my cuteness tag and you should too if you want to see baby animals and stuff like that maybe if you’re sad it’ll help idk

public service announcement because this was actually really helpful :)

does anybody on here use poshmark?


tumblr giveaway: my chronic illness

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chronic illness doesn’t wait for your life to happen. there isn’t going to be a time when you get out of bed and think ‘I feel like a teenager again!’

we are called survivors because that’s God’s honest truth: we are just barely scraping by in our daily lives. we’re honestly just trying to survive through illness that has no foreseeable end.

"are you feeling better than you were yesterday?"



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Friend: I don’t know how you do it!

Me: I ingested radiation, I’m essentially a superhero. Don’t feel bad, mere mortals will never understand. 

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when my surgeon explained how he was going to do my thyroidectomy



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